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The efficiency dilemma

Maintaining healthy pool water for your family to swim in requires good circulation and standard pool pumps can consume around $1000 of power every year to do so.

Variable speed pumps are appealing because they present an opportunity to reduce energy costs. Whilst they can turn over a sufficient volume of water at lower pump speeds, skimming power and circulation is compromised. Without sufficient skimming and circulation, water balance is difficult to maintain, algae forms in dead spots and maintenance costs increase significantly. This dilemma forces you to accept either high energy costs or poor circulation!


Standard pool using a single speed pump


Standard pool using a variable speed pump at low speed


Enviraflo is the answer

It makes sense to install an Enviraflo system into your new pool. Enviraflo is suitable for all concrete and fibreglass pools and is the only system that can combine effective surface skimming and healthy pool water with very low energy costs.

Circulate water more efficiently

The secret to Enviraflo’s energy efficiency is its patented venturi skimmer which uses just a fraction of return water to generate a skimming action equal to that created by a pump on high speed.

Circulate the water that’s difficult to move

The water in the deep part of your pool is typically the most difficult to move. Enviraflo draws all suction through a drain in your pool floor to improve circulation and water quality. This process also eliminates those irritating cold water pockets lurking in the depths of your pool.

Complete circulation

Circulation in an Enviraflo pool is superior to a standard pool because we’re drawing water from the pool floor and efficiently skimming the surface at the same time. Enviraflo is the only system that maintains effective surface skimming and improves sanitation dispersal whilst a variable speed pump is operating at low speed. With Enviraflo you can have good circulation and low energy costs!

Enviraflo pool using a variable speed pump at low speed

Why choose Enviraflo?

Enviraflo’s revolutionary approach to pool plumbing solves the efficiency dilemma by generating healthy circulation and effective skimming at low pump speeds.

Healthy Circulation

Enviraflo’s advanced technology dramatically improves circulation at low pump speeds, ensuring your pool water is always clean, fresh and healthy.

Save time and money

Enviraflo’s pools are easy to own, so you save money and spend more time enjoying your pool with family and friends.

Complete efficiency

Enviraflo’s unrivalled energy efficiency means your pool will use less energy and be better for the environment.

Our Enviraflo pool saves us hundreds of dollars every year and the water quality has been immaculate throughout dust storms, heat waves, autumn falls and heavy use.

Anthony & Colleen – Proud owners of the very first Enviraflo swimming pool

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