How does Enviraflo work?

Enviraflo’s revolutionary approach to pool plumbing solves the efficiency dilemma by generating healthy circulation and effective skimming at low pump speeds.

Circulate water more efficiently

The secret to Enviraflo’s energy efficiency is its patented venturi skimmer which uses just a fraction of return water to generate a skimming action equal to that created by a pump on high speed.


Circulate the water that’s difficult to move

The water in the deep part of your pool is typically the most difficult to move. Enviraflo draws all suction through a drain in your pool floor to improve circulation and water quality. This process also eliminates those irritating cold water pockets lurking in the depths of your pool.


System Components

Enviraflo resolves the efficiency dilemma. The standard Enviraflo system features the following quality components so your new pool is healthy, easy to own and energy efficient.

PDR2 Drain

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Venturi Skimmer

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